Georgatos is back ‘home’

After a long and controversial run that has led him to several teams in two countries, usually amid hazy plans, soccer player Grigoris Georgatos has agreed to return to Olympiakos, the club where he established himself as a professional. Georgatos, who resigned from his previous club, AEK, early this month, after paying his way out of a three-year contract signed in the summer of 2002, described his return to Olympiakos as a homecoming. It is not the first time the roaming left-back has returned to a previous club. Several seasons ago, while enjoying a successful career in Italy’s highly regarded Serie A with the Inter Milan club, where he had transferred from Olympiakos, Georgatos declared he was feeling homesick and returned to the Piraeus club. Soon afterward, however, he was back with Inter Milan for a second stint before signing with AEK.