PAOK slapped with 6-point deduction, 7-game stadium ban


PAOK will play seven games behind closed doors in the new season and AEK another three, while PAOK is deducted six points from the play-off mini-league (that was sealed on Wednesday) although this is largely irrelevant. This was the verdict of federation about what happened inside the Panthessaliko Stadium of Volos last month.

It took its time, but the decision of the soccer federation’s disciplinary committee on Thursday morning regarding the violence at the Greek Cup final was quite strong against PAOK and AEK.

PAOK is also slapped with a fine of 282,500 euros, while AEK will have to pay 170,000 euros.

The decision can (and will) be appealed by both clubs.

The points deduction means PAOK is losing the second spot in the play-offs that goes to Panathinaikos.

The revised mini-league table is as follows: AEK 12, Panathinaikos eight, PAOK five and Panionios four.

Separately Olympiakos has been slapped with a five-game stadium ban: Three games for the attack on Platanias players in the league game between the two teams at the Karaiskaki Stadium, and two games for the behavior of general manager Francois Modesto against match officials at the Olympiakos vs AEK Cup semifinal.

All this means that next year none of the four major teams of Greek soccer will have any fans at their stands before mid-September: Panathinaikos must play two games behind closed doors, AEK three, Olympiakos five and PAOK seven.