Government puts soccer on ice


Deputy Minister for Sports Giorgos Vassiliadis announced on Monday afternoon the immediate and indefinite suspension of the Greek Super League, following the events at the PAOK vs AEK derby on Sunday at Toumba.

He added that the government is in negotiations with the local and international soccer authorities so as to agree on a new set of rules and conditions.

Speaking outside the Maximos Mansion after a couple of hours of talks with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Vassiliadis added that “everything is on the table and in the coming hours we will make our contacts with everyone. We are expecting the proposals from the federations.”

“We are going for an indefinite suspension. We are expecting a new set of stricter rules for soccer, after spending three years trying to clean the game up,” Vassiliadis said and noted that efforts will be made to keep the national team unaffected.

He did not specify whether the Greek Cup is also to be suspended, with the prospect of an AEK vs PAOK final looming large.

The decision is certain to generate a strong reaction by the clubs who will see their sport go under lock and key for some time without being at fault.