FIFA mission arrives in Athens to monitor situation


FIFA has responded to the call by the Greek government and sent a mission to Athens that will meet with local officials on Wednesday.

In response to a letter by Deputy Minister for Sports Giorgos Vassiliadis, FIFA wrote that it is monitoring the situation after the suspension of the local league and cup and will demand the necessary penalties imposed on the perpetrators of the recent unprecedented incidents.

However it says that the responsibility for the penalties due belongs to the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) as it all concerns domestic competitions. This means the world soccer’s governing body will only observe and not intervene.

“Confirming that the specific incidents occurred in the context of a national competition, and therefore any disciplinary measures that will be imposed are in the jurisdiction of EPO, FIFA demands an uncompromised and strong approach  to the effort for banishing all forms of violent acts” in soccer, the FIFA letter read.

The head of the international committee that monitors EPO and representative of FIFA and UEFA for Greece, Herbert Hubel will meet with Vassiliadis and then with representatives of the Super League, and hold a press conference at the EPO headquarters on Wednesday noon.

Meanwhile the Greek federation is considering moving the friendly game Greece is about to play with Switzerland at Toumba on March 23 to another stadium, probably the Olympic Stadium of Athens or Pankritio at Iraklio.