Deputy sports minister calls for probe into neo-Nazi soccer fans


Deputy Sports Minister Giorgos Vassiliadis has called for an investigation into audiovisual material from a Nations League soccer game in Athens on Sunday between Greece and Estonia, where supporters of the home team were captured on video making the Nazi salute and holding up a flag with the black sun used as a symbol by the SS.

Footage from the Olympic Stadium in northern Athens shows over a dozen men with their faces covered by scarves making the Nazi salute on the stands among flag-waving Greece supporters.

“I am informing you so you can act accordingly,” Vassiliadis said in his report to Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou and special sports prosecutor Constantinos Simitzoglou.

In an Instagram post on Monday from a separate event, Vassiliadis described the men in the footage as “fascist droplets whose presence tarnished the national soccer team and the image of our country and our people.”