Olympiakos star to go back to his roots

Brazilian forward Giovanni is leaving Olympiakos to go home and play for his former club Santos. The 33-year-old, who scored six times in 19 appearances for Brazil, joined Olympiakos from Barcelona in 1999 and has figured prominently in the club’s five championships in his six seasons. This season he scored 10 goals. There is speculation over the future of coach Dusan Bajevic after he told a local radio station that he had already made a decision. «I cannot tell you whether I will stay or not. My mind is made up but I really need to talk with Olympiakos’s people first,» he said. Bajevic admitted that he had thought about leaving during the season as his relationships with Giovanni and Rivaldo became strained. He was still quick to praise Rivaldo, who joined the club last summer and scored 12 goals during the season, including the one that beat Iraklis 1-0 last Wednesday to clinch the title. «What can I say about Rivaldo?» Bajevic said. «He has achieved so much, he has played in such big teams with so many distinctions that there is really not much I can say. Such great players should become one with the rest of the team and not operate on their own.»