Okyalos XV sails to X-35 triumph

Okyalos XV BMW was the winner of the Greek X-35 Championship held this week at Porto Karras, Halkidiki, within the context of the 2nd International Sailing Week of the Northern Aegean. The boat of Yiannis Costopoulos, with Dimitris Deliyiannis as skipper, won four of the six races and finished top with just six penalty points, ahead of Gant (second with 12.75 points) and Niki-Christina (third with 13 points). International Sailing Week continues with the other categories, with Meliti V as the favorite to top the main category, the IRC. Meliti V is skippered by the experienced Giorgos Andreadis and leads over Alpha Bank (with Thodoros Tsoulfas as skipper) and Abraxas Land Rover (with Giorgos Ertsos at the helm). The races are organized by the Thessaloniki Offshore Racing Club (NOATH) and among the spectators was Sports Minister Giorgos Orfanos.