Ousted Serb coach back at Iraklis

Thessaloniki soccer team Iraklis has reappointed Serb coach Ivan Jovanovic just weeks after he was ousted by the club’s new administration, led by top-selling pop singer Antonis Remos. Jovanovic, a former player at Iraklis who came to the troubled club’s rescue last February to narrowly steer it clear of relegation to the second division, was nevertheless sacked at the end of the season, not long after Remos and his associates took over. He had signed a one-and-a-half year deal. Remos’s administration then hired Vangelis Vlachos in the pre-season but fired him on Thursday after he criticized a board member for interfering in the team’s affairs. Jovanovic’s latest coaching appointment at Iraklis, a UEFA Cup qualifier two seasons ago, is the club’s fifth in a year.