Aces wins boat race in northern Aegean

The Northern Aegean International Sailing Week ended last weekend with the triumph of Greek boat Aces. Captained by Nikos Karageorgiou, the winning crew landed the Yiannis Karras Cup, named after the man who first set up the prize back in 1981. «We are ecstatic at this win, which is the first for us. We believe we have achieved something remarkable, as this race is extremely competitive,» said Karageorgiou. The other trophy of the race, the X-Cup, went to the Abraxas boat, with Giorgos Ertsos as skipper. Last week, the World 420 championship was won by the Greek boat skippered by Michalis Mileos and Vangelis Mitakis, as the last day saw no races due to very high winds. The women’s title went to Katerina and Sophia Kalaitzidou.