Louise Gluck | Athens | October 16

After the translation into Greek of four of Louise Gluck’s poetry collections and a volume of essays, the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens is organizing an honorary event dedicated to the work of the leading American poet and 2020 Nobel Prize winner in Literature.

Art Book Fair | Athens | October 6-8

Since 2019, the Athens Art Book Fair has been showcasing artists who push the boundaries of traditional books and explore a variety of experimental forms.

Rare Homeric Editions | Athens | October 3-24

A selection of rare materials from the 300 editions of Homer held at the Gennadius Library will be staged in the Main Reading Room of the library, bringing to life the routes and metamorphoses of the primary Homeric material in time and space.

Jo Nesbo | Athens | September 27

Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo is an international sensation in the realm of crime and mystery fiction, while his ruthless detective Harry Hole, is a crime fan favorite.

Mykonos before the sunbeds

When the illustrated travel guide “Mykonos-Delos” from the series “Discover Greece,” published by M. Pechlivanidis & Co, was launched in 1958, “tourism, Greek and international, was starting to explore the Cyclades,” as highlighted by the observations of author-journalist Vassilis Kazatzis during that era.

Home is where the waves are

In “Blue Out,” Miranda Storm presents an immersive and exciting journey into a dystopian future. The world-building is vivid and thorough, plunging the reader into an unsettling, yet eerily possible reality.

Taiji touches base in Athens

China’s prestigious Shanghai Qigong Research Institute has partnered with the EastWest MEcenter in Greece to build a “Taiji Health Base” in Athens, it announced on Thursday.

Event celebrating small bookshops begins

Small Bookshop Week kicked off in Greece on Monday, with the country’s independent booksellers hosting a series of interesting events to acquaint readers with their important work and to share the joy of reading with the uninitiated.

Tsunis visits US pavilion at Thessaloniki book fair

“We’re celebrating the rich tradition of American literature and our countries’ shared passion for books – from beloved American novels to poetry, drama, and non-fiction,” United States Ambassador to Greece George Tsunis said.

Jonathan Coe | Athens | April 28

After the publication of the critically acclaimed “Bournville” last year, the award-winning British author Jonathan Coe is coming to the Athens Concert Hall.

An Acropolis guide for curious young minds

If Athens’ population is estimated at roughly 4 million today, back in ancient times, Attica as a whole was home to just 300,000 to 400,000 people, the majority of whom resided in the valley around the Acropolis and the Agora, the center of political, social and commercial activity.

The enigmatic philhellene, Mr Perilla

The history of art is full of unsung heroes. Their names have remained in the dark, either because we turned our backs on them or because they chose to.

Teens still reading books in age of social media

Despite the prevalence of social media, two in five Greek teenagers choose to read books outside the school context, according to the findings of a nationwide survey conducted by University Mental Health, Neurosciences and Precision Medicine Research Institute.

New book showcases the castles of Greece

Methoni Castle, a medieval fortress in the seaside town of the same name, in the southwestern Peloponnese, is among the highlights featured in a new book by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) – its first since 2014 – titled “Touring the Castles of Greece.”