Greece’s super-weapon

We often talk about the Rafale jets, submarines, F-16s and other assets of the Greek arsenal, but overlook the greatest weapon we have – and one that Turkey can never obtain, no matter what it does.

Influential Afghan women regrouping in Greece

I am greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed tea and the smiles of a group of women sitting on two small sofas as I enter the neoclassical Athens building that is home to the Melissa Network of Migrant Women in Greece.

Komvos, building crossroads for Hellenism

An initiative that would bring together the disparate forces of Hellenism so that Greece could support Greeks across the world and they, in turn – connected at the core and to each other – could strengthen the country’s voice and the prospects of Greeks is something of a perennial demand.

Officials mark 107th anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou said on Sunday that “constant vigilance and reaction against discrimination, violence, and hate toward our fellow humans is an obligation we all have,” and a “basic condition for the peaceful coexistence of peoples,” in a message to mark the 107th anniversary of Armenian Genocide.

Athens and Boston to become twin cities, Delta launches direct flight

Athens and Boston are to become twin cities in a bid to strengthen ties and promote tourism cooperation. The decision was announced during a recent visit by Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis to Boston, the capital of Massachusetts in the United States, where he met with his counterpart Michelle Wu. The twinning agreement foresees a series […]

Army saves isle’s sole house

A team from the Hellenic Army’s Engineers’ Corps (MOMKA) spent three days last week repairing the ramshackle home of the sole resident of Kinaros, a tiny island located between Amorgos and Kalymnos in the Aegean Sea, it was announced Thursday.

Police nabs extortionists of Omonia

Cooperation between the Hellenic Police and Chinese shopkeepers in downtown Athens last week has led to the arrest of two alleged extortionists who face a variety of charges.

Greeks in Istanbul keeping close eye on developments

The Greeks of Istanbul have learned not to talk about politics too much. Some don’t like to discuss the present tension between Greece and Turkey at all, others will only whisper about it on the telephone and even those that will talk are guarded.

Bid to secure Grand Walk restrictions after ruling

The Environment Ministry on Thursday submitted a legislative amendment in Parliament which foresees the continuation, for at least another four months, of traffic restrictions introduced in central Athens earlier this year as part of the Grand Walk, an ambitious project involving a network of paths for pedestrians and cyclists across the city center.

Thousands of abandoned vehicles removed from Athens center

The Athens Municipality said on Wednesday that more than 2,300 abandoned vehicles have been removed from the streets of the Greek capital over the last year as part of an ongoing effort to free up of public space occupied by cars and motorcycles, which in some cases posed a public health hazard.