Cooperation between the Hellenic Police and Chinese shopkeepers in downtown Athens last week has led to the arrest of two alleged extortionists who face a variety of charges.


The Greeks of Istanbul have learned not to talk about politics too much. Some don’t like to discuss the present tension between Greece and Turkey at all, others will only whisper about it on the telephone and even those that will talk are guarded.


The Environment Ministry on Thursday submitted a legislative amendment in Parliament which foresees the continuation, for at least another four months, of traffic restrictions introduced in central Athens earlier this year as part of the Grand Walk, an ambitious project involving a network of paths for pedestrians and cyclists across the city center.


The Athens Municipality said on Wednesday that more than 2,300 abandoned vehicles have been removed from the streets of the Greek capital over the last year as part of an ongoing effort to free up of public space occupied by cars and motorcycles, which in some cases posed a public health hazard. 


Late last month, the community of Palaia (Old) Fokaia, some 35 kilometers from Athens in Eastern Attica, held a memorial for the victims of the Asia Minor Disaster. The somber ceremony left no one unmoved.


Consular services at the US Embassy in Athens will reopen later this month with social distancing measures in place, American Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said in a video message released Thursday.


Seeking to provide decent living conditions for hundreds of homeless people in the Greek capital, the municipality of Athens on Wednesday opened the doors of a new shelter which can host up to 400 people.


The municipality of Athens has urged the capital’s residents to show a greater sense of responsibility as regards the protection of public health and helping the authority in its work by assisting the efforts of sanitation workers. 


Greece’s Union of Municipalities and Communities (KEDE) has posted on its website and Facebook page a form required by those who want to leave their house to feed strays.


An annual march held to mark the anniversary of the first death trains carrying the northern port city’s Jews to Nazi concentration camps in World War II has been canceled this year over coronavirus fears.


Anglo-Hellenism was a Liberal construct, with its roots in the 19th century, but it became recognizable as such only after the Balkan Wars.


The residents of one small Greek island have strayed from the Mediterranean diet and an active life largely lived outdoors in favor of a more sedentary and Western way of life, resulting in high levels of obesity compared to the rest of the country, according to a group of experts who are sounding the alarm for other rural parts of Greece where similar habits are emerging.