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Stavros Papastavrou, an ex-aide of former conservative prime minister Antonis Samaras, has been cleared of all charges in connection with the so-called Lagarde list of wealthy Greek depositors at a Geneva branch of HSBC and other tax avoidance charges.


From alleged drug trafficking and a murder cover-up to weapons transfers to Islamic militants, a convicted crime ringleader has been dishing the dirt on members of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party through a series of tell-all videos that have captivated the nation and turned him into an unlikely social media phenomenon.


More political turmoil is expected in the already acrimonious probe into the judicial handling and possible political motives of the 2016 allegations that several top-flight politicians took bribes from Swiss drugmaker Novartis.


A new digital registry obliging Cyprus-based companies to declare their true owners puts the east Mediterranean island nation in line with European Union regulations against terror financing and organized crime, the country’s commerce and energy minister said on Tuesday.


The founder of disgraced Greek jeweller Folli Follie and his son, who are facing felony charges relating to the falsification of the company’s financial data were led to prison, after their depositions before an investigative magistrate on Wednesday.


The Justice Ministry is planning to merge the offices of Greece’s corruption prosecutors and financial prosecutors in a bid to upgrade the performance of both while the country’s top corruption prosecutor Eleni Touloupaki is to be removed from her post as she faces charges of abuse of power and dereliction of duty.


Police officers were involved in almost half of all corruption investigations in Greece in 2019, according to the annual report of the internal affairs department of the security forces (YEFSA), a mechanism set up last year to tackle crime and corruption within law enforcement as well as the wider public sector.