An investigation is underway after a man died following an apartment fire in the early hours of Monday morning.

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Greece is expected to take delivery within the next few months of two out of seven new firefighting aircraft, whose acquisition is outlined in an agreement signed earlier this month between its Civil Protection Ministry and the European Commission.

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A new 56km road that will run through the northern part of the Evia which this summer was the scene of biggest wildfire recorded in Greece, “will end the road isolation” of the region and facilitate its reconstruction, the prime minister said on Tuesday.


A joint statement by relatives of the dead, local residents’ groups and those injured in the devastating fire that ripped through the eastern Attica resort of Mati in 2018 has protested against its coverage in the recent screenings of the 2019 documentary “Megafires: Investigating a Global Threat,” by Cosima Dannoritzer and Nicolas Koutsikas.


Eighty-four percent of the resources allocated to forest management over the last five years are related to fire suppression and only 16% for their prevention, according to environmental organization WWF Hellas’ report on the end of this year’s fire season.