Honors for Greek producers in border regions

Can stubbornness against all odds or the toil and struggle in the lands and waters of the homeland’s borders be rewarded? Our debt to the Greeks living in the country’s border regions is enormous, collective and personal for each one of us. Any initiative to highlight their contribution is nothing compared […]

Greek cuisine savoring its moment

An increasing number of tourists are enjoying excellent Greek food while on vacation and returning home in search of similar gastronomic experiences in restaurants or food shops.

A culinary homage to Asia Minor

The 15th Quality Awards of the influential Gastronomos food magazine, published by Kathimerini, had a special emotional touch this year as it coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

Gastronomos Quality Awards for best products

The Gastronomos Quality Awards are in their 13th year. This year, the aim was to showcase the “Little Heroes,” the generation that dared to create during the financial crisis and succeeded with whatever means they had at their disposal.