The Gastronomos Quality Awards are in their 13th year. This year, the aim was to showcase the “Little Heroes,” the generation that dared to create during the financial crisis and succeeded with whatever means they had at their disposal.


Greece’s southern Aegean islands have won this year’s European Region of Gastronomy award. The distinction, bestowed by an independent panel of international experts, aims to highlight distinctive food cultures and encourage gastronomic innovation while promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. In the photo, Kalymnos archaeologist Evdoxia Tsougrani carries Xysma bread, which brides traditionally baked to make a good impression on their mothers-in-law. [Stathis Klimis]


Photographs of Athens's Omonia Square back in the 1960s – when it still had a fountain – reveal the dynamism of the Greek economy at the time, as it was lit up at night by dozens of neon signs that cast a mesmerizing glow.


The Athens Street Food Festival is returning for a second outing this year, in which a wide variety of mouthwatering street food will be showcased at the Palio Amaksostasio in Gazi over the course of three three-day weekends in May (May 5-7, 12-14 and 19-21).


People shop for fresh fish and seafood at Athens’s central Varvakeios Market Friday, in preparation for the Clean Monday holiday, which marks the start of Lent ahead of Greek Orthodox Easter on April 16. The holiday is expected to prompt thousands of city-dwellers to head to their family villages and on weekend breaks, prompting traffic authorities to ramp up patrols on the national highway network amid concerns of traffic accidents due to high spirits on Carnival Sunday and overindulgence on Monday’s feast day. [ANA-MPA]


Food and the importance it holds in society, the global economy and everyday life is the subject of a new section titled “Food vs Food” at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, running March 3-12.