Joint solution on migration needed

Berlin appreciates Greece’s efforts to contain migrant flows into the European Union but it is also hoping to discuss ways of reducing secondary migration to Germany, the country’s new ambassador to Greece, Andreas Kindl, tells Kathimerini in his first interview from his new post in Athens.

The Greek who shook up Hesse

Robert Lambrou, the candidate of the xenophobic Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the elections for the parliament of the State of Hesse, is full of contradictions.

Quiet German diplomacy

Germany’s government is keeping a close eye on the evolving developments on the Greek-Turkish relations front. “We welcome the talks between the Greek and Turkish sides,” reads an official statement issued just a few hours after the meeting of the foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey in Ankara in early September. The text then says […]

FM meets with German counterpart in Brussels

Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis met with his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock in Brussels on Thursday, where both ministers are attending the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union.

Poland seeks ally in Greece in campaign for World War II reparations

Senior Polish officials Tuesday said they plan to expand a campaign to seek massive World War II reparations from Germany, turning to Greece and other European countries as potential allies. Poland last year formally demanded compensation of $1.3 trillion while Greece is seeking more than $300 billion for damage incurred by occupying Nazi Germans during World War II.

‘Without Greece, there can be no EU’

“Europe starts in Berlin and reaches Athens and goes through all the Balkans. Without the Balkans, without Greece, there can be no European Union,” says the former president of Germany, Christian Wulff (2010-2012), in an interview with Kathimerini looking back on the difficult relationship between Greece and Germany during the years of the economic crisis.

A Russian mole in Germany sows suspicions at home, and beyond

A few days before Christmas, a convoy of security vehicles invaded a quiet corner of Weilheim, a quaint Bavarian town of pastel squares and fastidiously kept cobblestone streets. Their target seemed as unassuming as the setting: a local children’s soccer coach.

A look at Leopard 2 tanks that could soon be sent to Ukraine

Following intense pressure from its allies, Germany appears to be inching toward approving deliveries of high-tech Leopard 2 main battle tanks that Ukraine and its biggest Western backers hope will boost Kyiv’s fight against Russian invaders.