Greece on India’s ‘silk road’

Greece has a key geostrategic role in the new trade routes India is building, with the support of countries such as the US, South Korea and Japan.

Greece and India

Greece’s geographic location, along with its membership of the European Union, make it the ideal country to act as India’s gateway to Europe. The bilateral relationship between the world’s first and today’s most populous democracy can prove to be mutually beneficial. An effort to deepen relations should be pursued, not limited to just the sphere […]

Greece is India’s ‘gateway’ into the EU

It took 40 years for an Indian prime minister to visit Athens, since Indira Gandhi came to Greece in September 1983. Narendra Modi represents a very different country today compared to what India was in the 1980s.

Greece, India eye ‘strategic relationship’

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis welcomed his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to the Maximos Mansion in Athens on Friday in a historic first visit by an Indian premier in 40 years, underlining the improvement in relations between the two countries that have been consistently cultivated in recent years.

Modi to visit Athens on Friday after BRICS summit

Just hours after participating in an important BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit in Durban, South Africa, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Athens on Friday.