Pension program to be problem-free until 2030, says minister

Greece’s pension program will be free of problems up to 2030, as long as rules do not change again, Deputy Labor and Social Insurance Minister Panos Tsakloglou said at the Thessaloniki Summit 2023 in the northern port city on Tuesday.

Working pensioner issue settled

From January 1, 2024, the 30% pension cut for pensioners who continue to work is to be abolished, and those retirees will collect their entire main and auxiliary pensions with the exception of a 10% deduction.

Social security: Learning from the past

The social security system – a pillar of democratic societies and one of the fundamental rights of their citizens – functions within specific conditions and boundaries. Even if the chronic ailments that define the Greek system are mitigated or even wiped out entirely, there remain other key components of the equation, most notably the fact […]

Shock for several pensioners

The State General Accounting Office is demanding from pensioners the return of retroactive amounts that correspond to salaries higher than those to which they were entitled if they continued to work wider public sector entities after their retirement.

EFKA cases delay justice

Outstanding pension cases are resulting in significant delays to the delivery of justice, not only for pensioners, but also for thousands of citizens with non-social security cases.

Nod to new social security bill

Cabinet on Wednesday approved a social security bill that includes provisions aimed at strengthening the incomes of pensioners and facilitating the retirement of insured persons, as well as fundamental interventions in the institution of professional insurance of the second pillar.

‘Decent’ pension rise for judges

The government is planning to submit legislation redefining judges’ pensions, following the relevant decisions of the Court of Auditors and its indication that these are “pilot” cases, which should serve as a guide for those that follow.

Not all judges’ pensions to rise after court decision

A decision by Greece’s Court of Audit that reinstates the pensions of retired judges to pre-2012 levels concerns only those who appealed to the court, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Thursday, adding that his ministry is “studying its consequences.”

Contribution cut is put off

The further reduction of social security contributions is evolving into a difficult equation for the government, with the promise for further relief of non-salary costs being pushed to 2025.

Benefit of 100-200 euros for over 750,000 pensioners

At least 750,000 retirees who receive a pension with a ‘personal difference’ of over 10 euros what they would get had their pension been calculated after May 2016 stand to collect a ‘personal difference allowance’ ranging from €100 to €200.

Regulation for retirees with debts to EFKA

A Labor Ministry bill foresees the possibility of self-employed people with debts to the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) of between 20,000 and 30,000 euros receiving 40% of their pension.