Notary services brought to a halt

Notaries in Athens, Piraeus and some islands voted on Tuesday to abstain from work for 20 days from the end of May in protest at the National Cadastre’s decision to make the electronic submission of property deeds and contracts mandatory.

Athens without metro or tram as unionists plan marches

Commuters and motorists in the Greek capital are in for a hassle on Tuesday, as there will be no metro or tram service from 9 a.m. until noon, and key thoroughfares will be closed by two protest rallies taking place in downtown Athens.

Piraeus port container workers to strike on Thursday

Container workers at Piraeus Port, which is majority owned by Chinese shipping group COSCO, will hold a 24-hour strike on Thursday, protesting to a financial proposal included in their collective labor agreement tabled by the company.

General strike shuts down services across country

Public transport largely ground to a halt in the Greek capital Wednesday and state-run services remained shuttered as workers walked off the job in a 24-hour general strike to protest rising prices.

Greek workers strike over soaring prices, low wages

Greek workers began a day-long nationwide strike on Wednesday over what they call a “deepening crisis” of rising prices and squeezed incomes, disrupting transport, ferries, schools and public hospitals.

Work stoppages on trams Wednesday

Tram workers will hold work stoppages on Wednesday, from the start of the shift until 6 a.m. and from midnight until the end of the shift. For passengers, the strike means trams will start services after 6 a.m. and will gradually be withdrawn from service from 10:30 p.m.

Strike keeps ferries docked at ports

Ferries are to remain docked at ports until midnight Monday as seamen hold a 48-hour strike over a series of demands including salary increases and improved social security.