Expert calls for more aggressive measures against coronavirus

Dozens of people – most not wearing masks – are seen hanging out at Monastiraki Square in downtown Athens on Sunday night, despite warnings by health authorities against crowding. [Yiannis Dimitropoulos/InTime News]

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A microbiology professor and member of the government’s expert committee on the coronavirus pandemic said on Tuesday that he believes stricter restrictions are necessary to stem the rapid rise of new coronavirus infections in many parts of the country.

“There’s no leeway left; we need to move ahead with additional measures before the weather changes, as weather conditions play a part in the transmission of the virus,” Athens Medical School professor Athanassios Tsakris told Skai radio on Tuesday.

One of the key measures he says that he has recommended is closing down restaurants and bars earlier from the current midnight limit and extending the 12.30-5 a.m. curfew so that it goes into effect earlier.

These measures would be aimed particularly at cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, where infections among young people continue to rise, most likely as a result of crowding at bars and after-hours at public squares.

Tsakris also said that he recommends measures to increase teleworking, which would ease crowding on public transportation and make offices safer.

The expert said the committee may be meeting as early as Tuesday to discuss the possibility of new measures.