As American companies prepare to bring large numbers of workers back to the office in the coming months, executives are facing one of their most delicate pandemic-related decisions: Should they require employees to be vaccinated?

07.05.2021 / 21:55

Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis presented a new digital platform named “Know Your Customer” to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday which allows citizens to complete transactions and requests online instead of in person at banks.

07.05.2021 / 21:22

Online pharmacy turnover jumped 38.3% in the first quarter of the year compared to January-March 2020, according to figures from Convert Group, showing that this is a market segment that retains its momentum and still has great scope for growth.

07.05.2021 / 21:18

Residential property prices remained on a growth path over the first quarter of the year, as the housing market appears to be emerging from the pandemic largely unscathed.

07.05.2021 / 21:13

The participants in last week’s informal meeting on the Cyprus problem left Geneva satisfied with the fact that each could blame the other for the meeting’s failure.

07.05.2021 / 21:01

The ongoing debate over who was the first to propose that Athens should push for the patents of the Covid-19 vaccines to be suspended is for domestic consumption only.

07.05.2021 / 20:48

On the day that 1.2 billion new Piraeus Bank shares started trading on the Greek stock market, following the local lender’s reverse split, the drop that ensued was the main factor in the benchmark’s slump below the 900-point mark.