In loving protest, Albanian lesbians marry unofficially

On the roof of the mayor’s office in Albania’s capital Tirana, lesbians Alba Ahmetaj and Edlira Mara held an unofficial wedding ceremony on Sunday, a symbolic move they hope will promote LGBT+ rights in the conservative Balkan country.

Helping businesses serve the blind

“We often find ourselves entering a store and waiting awkwardly at the entrance for an extended period because no one approaches or addresses us to explain, for instance, that they will serve us shortly.

Can Athens become a walkable city?

Walking in Athens is a risk you take at your own peril. It involves balancing on impossibly narrow pavements, while avoiding broken paving stones and sundry unexpected hurdles.

Realities that mar Greek capital’s image

As night descends, Omonia Square bustles with activity, its circular junction adorned with the vibrant hues of yellow taxis, amid the constant flow of cars and pedestrians. The glow of the fountain and the imposing facades of the surrounding hotels add to the scene’s allure. However, in the adjacent side streets, a somber ambiance prevails.

Studying Islam outside of stereotypes

In December 2016, the first graduates of the newly established program Introduction to Muslim Studies, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, sat down to study Islam, an emerging world which, in one way or another (positive or negative), we find before us and must learn to “read,” away from stereotypes and prejudices.

New anxieties grip Greeks in 2024

Tapping into the values and beliefs permeating Greek society, a survey by the Dianeosis think-tank shows that the return of economic insecurity, the consequences of climate change and the demographic issue are seen as major threats to the country’s future.

Stiffer penalties to combat surge in bullying

Seeking to tackle the rise in cases of bullying, the government has announced a series of preventive measures which include, among others, stricter penalties for students for acts of violence at school and parents’ co-responsibility for their children’s actions.

The ‘national mourning’ that never was: Combating fake news in Erdogan’s Turkey

Turkey is definitely not one of those countries that excel as standard-bearers when it comes to balanced reporting and media freedoms or media literacy. On the contrary, it usually appears in the international press for its – many – media deficiencies, whether it be censorship cases, propaganda-induced fake news or media ownership concentration issues.