EU condemns shooting at Donald Trump rally

The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and European officials expressed shock and condemnation following the shooting at a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump.

IT workers in great demand

Finding technology and informatics experts is a tough task for many businesses, with the majority of companies having spent the last few years on a constant hunt for talent, especially now that artificial intelligence is increasing their needs even more.

Greek frigate defends commercial ship from drone attack in the Red Sea

The Greek frigate Psara provided protection to a commercial ship in the Gulf of Aden early Sunday morning following a drone attack.

Seventy-four arrested in violent clash outside soccer stadium

Seventy-four people have been arrested, including five minors, following a violent clash outside the Panathinaikos soccer stadium in downtown Athens on Saturday.

High fire risk forecast for Sunday in five regions

Greek authorities have issued a fire hazard warning for five regions on Sunday, as high temperatures continued to spark wildfires in several parts of the country.


Will the outcome of the elections in France and the UK trigger a wave of support for progressive forces across Europe as a whole?

The dwindling of the good local souvlaki joint

I recently drew up a list for a friend who was visiting Athens from abroad, with suggestions on where to go for good fish, tavernas with amazing lamb chops, the nicest wine bars and so forth.

No more delicious ladera?

Consumers out shopping for a bottle of olive oil at the supermarket during the recent heatwave would hardly have thought that the prematurely high temperatures of mid-June – a phenomenon that is increasing in frequency – would affect its price.

Athens has a burgeoning food scene, but is it any good?

Athens has so many restaurants nowadays, but does it have good ones? Without a doubt. Does it have enough decent restaurants? No. I think we need to dispel the myth: There’s only a small number of good restaurants in what is a small market.

‘What is kourou, please?’

People started lining up outside 10 Voulis Street in downtown Athens early on a recent Saturday morning, even before the city started to look properly alive. That the crowd was a multiethnic one was immediately apparent.