26.09.2021 / 17:55

Day-to-day life in Greece is excessively determined by people defying laws, rules and reason; it’s disappointing and extremely frustrating. But this, as former prime minister Kostas Simitis once said, is Greece and it doesn’t look like it’s changing much.

25.09.2021 / 21:01

In 2019, the largest Greek company, Public Power Corporation, was almost bankrupt, unable to finance investments for its energy transition. 

24.09.2021 / 23:15 MARCUS WALKER

Late one night in May 2012, after a long crisis summit of eurozone leaders, Angela Merkel marched her exhausted advisers to a quiet table in the bar of the Amigo Hotel in Brussels.

24.09.2021 / 21:15

Τhe secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, was unblinking in his appraisal of the state of the world and unsparing in his criticism of global leadership in his speech opening the organization’s General Assembly on Tuesday.

24.09.2021 / 21:02

Due to the structure of the conservative administration, a large workload is placed on the shoulders of the executive core. A small group of people need to manage a large number of complex problems.

24.09.2021 / 20:45 PETER SCHOOF

When Angela Merkel steps down as federal chancellor – some time after September 26 – an era will come to an end which has significantly affected Germany, Greece and the European Union.

23.09.2021 / 22:48 EVANGELOS VENIZELOS

The 2009-19 Greek adventure seemed to have a special place in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s farewell reflection. Quite reasonably so.

23.09.2021 / 22:09

The Supreme Court’s intervention and the Citizen Protection Ministry’s directive for protecting teachers from intimidation and lawsuits by anti-vaxxers were an essential step.


Following the May 2012 election, which ended up in a deadlock for the formation of a new government, as head of the Council of State, I was sworn in as caretaker prime minister to lead the country to new elections.

22.09.2021 / 23:00

Teachers and other staff working in Greece’s public education system have behaved responsibly toward the public health crisis and taken up the Covid-19 vaccine in large numbers.

22.09.2021 / 22:16

We have made something of a custom of division in Greece. It is something we do passionately, ready to fight with our friends and turn our backs on our neighbors.

22.09.2021 / 22:16

With the exception of Constantine Karamanlis, can Greece’s conservative right really claim to have produced much in terms of great political leaders?