12.08.2022 / 22:11

Laws must not “imprison” debtors in their own debts but rather provide them with a way out of their conundrum. 

11.08.2022 / 23:00

The fact that the new regional planning for waste management in Attica includes projects that were also included in the previous planning, but remained backlogged, is indicative of the lag in this environmentally critical sector.

11.08.2022 / 18:12 MARC PIERINI

2022 will remain in history as the moment when war returned to Europe after 77 years of peace on the continent post-World War II.

10.08.2022 / 21:22

The wiretapping case presents Greece’s democracy with a big challenge. Three objectives must be met, at the same time.

10.08.2022 / 21:10

Work on the construction of the metro station in the central Athens neighborhood of Exarchia had been held back, mostly due to political reluctance.

09.08.2022 / 21:00

Τhe prime minister showed political reflexes regarding the deep institutional changes that are required to introduce rules and safeguards in how the country’s police and secret services operate, without leaving it weaker. It was the right follow-up to the decisions he made last Friday. Answers are now needed as to what exactly happened and whether […]

09.08.2022 / 18:44

A few days ago, there was some shocking news. An Egyptian court asked lawmakers to approve the live broadcast of the hanging of a man who stabbed a female university student to death.

08.08.2022 / 21:50

Is the job of finance minister still the most difficult one in a government? Not necessarily, say former finance ministers, comparing the requirements in the past and present. In the years after 2009, during Greece’s debt crisis, the major problem was deflation: Prices kept falling, the values of businesses, land, real estate and labor collapsed, […]

08.08.2022 / 12:43 VICTORIA HISLOP

The UK newspapers have all been buzzing this week with the suggestion that the British Museum may be ready to discuss the return of the Parthenon Sculptures with Greece.

08.08.2022 / 09:11

Power can be dangerous. Even more so in states that do not rely on longstanding institutions and mechanisms but, rather, on individuals.