20.05.2024 / 12:01 NIKOS KOTZIAS

The Prespa Agreement boldly untangled what was a Gordian knot. Typical foolishness prevented it from being fully exploited to Greece’s benefit and allowed it to be undermined by North Macedonia’s jingoistic far-right.


The electoral dominance of the center-right nationalist VMRO-DPMNE party is the litmus test that will challenge the durability of the Prespa Agreement.

19.05.2024 / 22:52

Greece is the most powerful country in the Balkans. It has no reason to be caught up in the bluster and nationalist grandstanding of a bygone era that have reared their ugly heads in the region again.

18.05.2024 / 21:46

You can’t avoid vertigo if you put the latest opinion polls and the social media influence of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the leader of the main opposition, Stefanos Kasselakis, side by side.

18.05.2024 / 21:15

The case of Greek jewelry chain Folli Follie was a blow to the credibility of the Greek market, as it revealed the inadequacy of the supervisory authorities. But the blow that followed, with the slow pace of the judicial procedure, was perhaps more severe than the initial fraud scandal. 

18.05.2024 / 19:16 ELISABETH LIPIATOU

Oceans: Not only do they regulate the Earth’s climate but they also sustain life as we know it. Yet, despite their critical role, oceans are facing persistent degradation and destabilization worldwide.

18.05.2024 / 17:19

It is a difficult time for realpolitik. A few weeks before the European Parliament elections, and especially at a time when the Greek prime minister is on a difficult tour of traditionally ultra-patriotic northern Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is called upon to defy the political cost and confirm the family tradition on issues of foreign policy […]

17.05.2024 / 23:08

Femicides are becoming so frequent that everyone should have realized by now that dealing with the phenomenon is not about getting one or another department of the state working correctly.

17.05.2024 / 21:07

The warm climate that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin made a point of cultivating during the Russian president’s official visit to China confirms that we are at the beginning of a new cold war.

17.05.2024 / 10:10

The management of public opinion is among the tasks of every government. In a developed democracy one would argue that this management must focus on a continuous and systematic explanation of its strategy for the achievement of explicitly stated goals, so as to dispel confusion and remove unavoidable obstacles to policy making.

16.05.2024 / 22:10

The recent press conference by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara underscored another major difference separating the two countries, and this is their stance towards Israel.

16.05.2024 / 21:43

The specter of political violence has returned to Europe. It is not a development that can be considered completely unexpected.