06.05.2021 / 22:13

We are at the beginning of the second summer season amid a pandemic. This year the situation is better, in the sense that a significant proportion of the population has already been vaccinated and hundreds of thousands more are being vaccinated every week.

06.05.2021 / 21:42

The Greek economy was nearly brought to its knees at the start of the previous decade by the weight of the social security system.

03.05.2021 / 22:08 ANDRZEJ DUDA

Filled with the joy of spring, we are celebrating a great Polish holiday whose origins date back to the 18th century.

03.05.2021 / 03:00

Greece seems to be slowly emerging from the coronavirus pandemic. It may be emerging wounded, but the situation is not quite as dire as presented by the voices of self-pity.

28.04.2021 / 21:01

Both European and national health authorities have ruled on the safety of the coronavirus vaccines that are available to people in Greece and other European Union member-states.

28.04.2021 / 11:21

A “ghost” of a non-paper that is said to outline changes to the borders of the Western Balkans has come along to revive nightmare scenarios at a time of heavy geopolitical turbulence in the broader region.

27.04.2021 / 19:50

American President Joe Biden’s initiative to recognize the Armenian genocide is indeed symbolic. But the power of symbolism is not without political significance.