Brutal killings of women in Western Balkan countries trigger alarm and expose faults in the system

Throughout the Western Balkans, women are harassed, raped, beaten and killed, often by their partners and after repeatedly reporting the violence to the authorities. The region is staunchly conservative, with a centuries-old tradition of male dominance, but the problem surged following the wars in the 1990s and the political, economic and social crises that have persisted since the conflicts ended.

A pathway to the reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures

Angelos Chaniotis, professor of ancient history and classics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, delivered a very topical lecture at the nonprofit educational institution College Year in Athens (CYA).

Kissinger and the arms embargo on Turkey

Henry Kissinger, the former US secretary of state and national security adviser who died on November 29, was a “red flag” for the Greeks and the diaspora, as he was viewed as largely responsible for the attitude that the United States and NATO adopted toward Turkey following its invasion of Cyprus.

Diplomatic fiasco casts pall over restitution talk

“I am baffled, as are most people,” a leading member of the British Museum’s Board of Trustees told Kathimerini in confidence a day after the the country’s prime minister, Rishi Sunak, abruptly canceled a meeting with Greek Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a decision prompted by the ongoing controversy over the 2,500-year-old Parthenon Sculptures that cast a […]

Recep Tayyip Erdogan preparing for a lifetime in power

His aim is to no longer rely on the collaboration of nationalists, thus freeing himself from counterweights. Despite his rhetoric against Israel and his support for Hamas, there is a belief that he is attempting to maintain connections with the West. Opposition Turkish media are reposting that “the steps […]

Political noise distracts central Europe’s rate-setters

The central bank governors of Poland and Hungary are caught up in noisy disputes with opponents over their rate-setting policy, raising new hazards for investors willing to brave central Europe’s bitterly polarized politics.

Italy’s migrant deal with Albania faces rights hurdles and red tape

Italy’s government is hailing as “historic” a plan to send seaborne migrants to Albania, but experts and opposition politicians warn that it could face significant bureaucratic and human rights obstacles. The move is part of an EU-wide drive to clamp down on irregular immigration.

‘Calling Palestinians terrorists has to stop’

It was June 29, 1982 and Andreas Papandreou had just returned from a fraught European Economic Community summit. The Greek prime minister gave his family a detailed account of what was said during the talks with his European counterparts with regard to the war that was raging in the Middle East.

The conman who attempted to buy a bank

Last Sunday, Kathimerini revealed that the individual posing as a Jewish-American multibillionaire named David Sassoon is not who he claims to be. He has been convicted of criminal offenses abroad and, according to official documents, his real name is Khalid El Sheriff and he is a Sudanese national. Sassoon arrived in […]

The five-act con of ‘David Sassoon’

Posing as a multimillionaire, David Sassoon managed to host lavish receptions for ambassadors in Athens while having been repeatedly imprisoned in the United States and the United Kingdom for multiple criminal offenses. Kathimerini presents his story, which reads like a screenplay for a dramatic thriller.

Analyzing the lapses of the Israeli security services

The former deputy director of Mossad and member of the MirYam Institute, Naftali Granot, and the former commander of Israel’s elite Special Forces unit Sayeret Matkal, Dr Doron Avital, share with Kathimerini their views about the operational and intelligence lapses that paved the way for Hamas’s deadly incursion into southern Israel on 7 October.

Where parties won and lost compared to the national vote

Useful political conclusions can be gleaned from the results of Sunday’s regional elections, where ruling New Democracy, leftist opposition SYRIZA, socialist PASOK, and the Communist Party (KKE) had formally endorsed candidates in 13 regions.

West Side Story of the most powerful philhellene

In 1993, a Cuban American, not yet 40, serving in the US House of Representatives in Washington, delivered a speech on the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus that resonated deeply, particularly among the Cypriot and Greek communities in America. Why? Because it revealed the true character of Bob Menendez.