The European Central Bank remains reluctant to abandon the view that the rise in inflation is temporary, as the Fed has done in the US. It is a difference of opinion between the central banks of the US and the European Union that is generating uncertainty in the market as to who is right, over a matter that affects Greece both through the course of retail and wholesale prices and also of interest rates.


The Finance Ministry has decided to utilize state properties that have not been incorporated in the Hellenic Public Properties Company (ETAD) portfolio and to settle the issue of plots that have been encroached upon by offering the chance to thousands of citizens to acquire the definitive ownership deeds for the properties they illegally occupy or use, for a certain price.

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Some significant steps may have already been taken to simplify investment procedures in Greece, but the single digital map that the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) is set to start developing is expected to improve the activities of investors considerably.


Bank account hijacking has soared in Greece, as the growing phenomenon of credit transfer fraud – the illegal transfer of money from one account to another – increased fourfold last year, according to the Bank of Greece.

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Half of European Union enterprises saw turnover decline last year, an annual investment survey by the European Investment Bank has shown, as the Covid-19 crisis ripped through the European economy, shutting businesses for months and severely curtailing activity.


The Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA) announced on Friday that on Wednesday, December 8, Greece will auction 52-week treasury bills, in book entry form, with maturity on December 9, 2022.


Greek technology startups are a major attraction for young talent in the country as they offer much more competitive salaries compared to other sectors of the local economy, according to a new study by Marathon Venture Capital.


Online sales during the Black Friday period were up compared with the rest of the year, a survey by Generation Y – International eBusiness Hub revealed on Thursday.


The wave of price hikes and the shortages in raw materials are leading to order cancellations by clients of manufacturing units in Greece, while the lack of components is also resulting in delivery delays and price increases.

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The resurgence of Covid-19 cases in Europe and the new Omicron variant pose risks to the ongoing recovery of the tourism sector, especially in countries with lower vaccination rates, like Greece and Cyprus, DBRS Morningstar warned in a report on Thursday.


The government slashed on Wednesday the fines imposed for tax rule violations, as they would have dealt the final blow for many enterprises.