Company Profile

Kathimerini English Edition is a daily newspaper published in Athens and is distributed exclusively with the International New York Times in Greece and Cyprus. Written by a dedicated editorial team, Kathimerini English Edition provides readers with a comprehensive summary of the main political, business, social and cultural news in Greece.


Founding Date

Kathimerini is a daily, political and financial newspaper whose operations are based in Athens, Greece. It was founded by George A. Vlahos, and its first edition was published on the 15th of September, 1919. In its almost 100 years of existence, Kathimerini carries a legacy of reliability and prestige, and has consistently incorporated a polyphony of opinions and beliefs in its pages.


Mission Statement with Coverage Priorities

Kathimerini is fully dedicated to its mission to provide consistent, detailed and broad coverage to its readers. Everyday on its print and digital editions, the newspaper publishes a meticulously curated mixture of breaking news, articles, analysis, and opinion pieces.

Kathimerini seeks to contribute to the global media ecosystem with diverse and multi-faceted reporting – a mission which is reflected in the multitude of sections it includes (Politics, News, World, Culture, Finance, Sports). By systematically separating news in these sections, and dedicating a lot of time and capital in each, Kathimerini seeks to ensure that its readers are informed holistically and can be active citizens in all facets of life.


For Kathimerini, it is of the utmost importance not only to carefully curate its sections, but also to distinguish the content it publishes based on what type of article it is. In this context, the newspaper always flags its content – by the use of titles in its print edition, and tags in the digital one – to clarify if it is a news piece, an expert analysis, or an opinion piece. The goal is to be fully transparent with our readers, and enable them to separate objective truths from subjective interpretation.



Ownership Structure, Funding and Grants

The newspaper is part of the private entity “NEES KATHIMERINES EKDOSEIS SINGLE-MEMBER S.A.”. The company’s mission is to provide an umbrella structure for the publication of daily newspapers, magazines, special print issues and administration of printer and pressing centers. More information about the company profile and the ownership structure can be accessed here.



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