Spa town water unfit for drinking

Residents and visitors in the seaside spa town of Loutraki and in neighboring Isthmia in Corinth are advised not to drink the tap water after authorities declared it unsafe for human consumption.

Ministry sending vet team to Thessaly

The Agriculture Ministry is sending its entire team of veterinarians to Central Greece starting on Monday as it seeks to get ahead of a serious outbreak of ovine rinderpest, which is threatening to decimate livestock farmers’ sheep and goat flocks in the region of Thessaly.

Border guard shot on Evros

A Greek border guard was shot in the abdomen Saturday while patrolling an area of the Greek-Turkish border where undocumented migrants seek to enter the European Union.

Land registry hit ‘over 400 times’ by hackers

Hellenic Cadastre, the agency keeping and managing Greece’s property registry, had been attacked by hackers hundreds of times by early Friday, but no data exfiltration has been detected, the Ministry of Digital Governance said.