When it comes to Europe, there are many different types of truth and reality. There’s obviously a lot of complaining and criticism, depending on the circumstances.

16.04.2021 / 08:24

The leader of the opposition is endowed with an institutional role because everyone agrees on the importance of the opposition’s role in a democracy.

13.04.2021 / 21:42

Rarely in the past 75 post-war years has the world faced as much fluidity, uncertainty, insecurity and lack of cohesion as it does right now. Perhaps this is because the so-called X factor that determines developments is so unpredictable.

12.04.2021 / 02:00

All the activity on the international front that we observed last Tuesday obviously concerns us since it included the Greek prime minister’s official visit to Libya.

03.04.2021 / 14:52

Every new day brings the fresh realization that Covid-19 has brought a whole lot of trouble to the world at large.

30.12.2020 / 22:15

The war on the coronavirus is global – it could be described as WWIII – in the sense that no country has managed to escape unscathed from it.

10.12.2020 / 17:23

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the coronavirus pandemic are Greece’s twin headaches, linked by their consequences on the economy, which are certainly greater from the latter, though the former’s impact is not negligible either, given Turkey’s constant provocations.

02.12.2020 / 21:53

Some analysts say that Nikos Dendias’ toughening rhetoric toward Germany is his own personal choice rather than a stance agreed with Kyriakos Mitsotakis.