The dynamic Greek business environment was praised in an interview with Kathimerini by the federal councilor and head of the Swiss Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, Guy Parmelin, during his visit to Athens (May 10-11).

07.05.2024 / 17:10

“Britain and Greece have a co-ownership of Byron; in Britain as a foremost poet and in Greece as someone associated with Greek liberation,” says Lord Lytton, a fourth-generation descendant of Lord Byron, in a special edition of Kathimerini.

06.05.2024 / 19:18

“Teachers who make physics boring are criminals.” With this quote, the famous physicist and former MIT professor Walter Lewin summarizes the meaning of his lectures.

27.04.2024 / 11:24

In two packed auditoriums in Athens, psychoanalyst and emeritus professor of the University of Leicester Ian Parker recently presented his new book, co-authored with David Pavon-Cuellar, and now translated into Greek, titled “Psychoanalysis and Revolution: Critical Psychology for Liberation Movements.”

07.04.2024 / 19:30

“Democracy is always unfinished business. It is not a recipe for Paradise on Earth,” John Keane, the renowned professor of political science at the University of Sydney, tells Kathimerini.

03.04.2024 / 11:34

“Any holders of Parthenon Sculptures outside Greece should return them forthwith to Athens, where they can be reunited with their brothers and sisters,” the distinguished historian of the University of Cambridge, Dr Paul Cartledge, stated in an interview with Kathimerini.

25.03.2024 / 17:23

The recent visit by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to Athens and the subsequent visit by Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias to Yerevan comes as a result of the boost in bilateral relations.

28.02.2024 / 21:48

“Beethoven needed four notes for his 5th Symphony to be recognized: ta-ta-ta-taaaa. Theodorakis only needed two: pa-dam!” the famous Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu tells Kathimerini while he is preparing for his first concert in Greece with his Johann Strauss Orchestra.

23.02.2024 / 00:45

“Erdogan would appeal to Trump as somebody who he could work with and I think Trump would accept that,” says the onetime White House hawk Ambassador John Bolton.

10.02.2024 / 13:12

Twenty-eight years later, Kathimerini attempts to shed light on the unknown background of the crisis and the causes that brought the two countries to the brink of war.