Feeling she’d been lumbered with an old-fashioned moniker, a chance discovery led Connie Mourtoupalas down an inspirational rabbit hole.

22.08.2020 / 13:26

The Greek-American connection with restaurants, albeit stereotypically exaggerated, is by now proverbial. Not as well-known is the Greek association with the confectionery industry, which Greek immigrants came to dominate, if not monopolize, for the better part of the 20th century. 

02.04.2019 / 11:11

Born Ioannis Alexandros Veliotes, the son of immigrants from Ermioni and Hydra was one of the first US musicians to cross the racial divide.

18.03.2019 / 12:42

Wrestling was never really my cup of tea. But when word got out on South Halsted Street in Chicago’s Greektown – my neighborhood at the time – that a Greek American had just become the first US Olympic champion in women’s wrestling, things changed and I had to see for myself.