I’m struck by the ongoing debate regarding the future of Vassilissis Olgas Avenue in the center of the Greek capital. It appears to serve as a smokescreen for narrow political objectives while overlooking the daily ordeal we Athenians face on our congested roads.

24.05.2023 / 14:59

The system of simple proportional representation used in the May 21 elections was a wasteful, inconvenient and costly choice – a price we paid due to the opportunism of SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, which mirrored the opportunism of the late socialist leader Andreas Papandreou.

29.03.2023 / 22:24

A month after it happened, the rail tragedy in northern Greece still casts a shadow over domestic politics. The government wants, and rightly so, to change the agenda.

19.02.2021 / 20:25

Just three in a succession of education ministers since the restoration of democracy managed to carry out reforms that touched the essence of the contradictions prevailing in Greek society.

13.03.2020 / 15:57

Dear 120 human rights organizations, it was with surprise that I read your recent statement to the leaderships of Greece and the European Union, bombastically titled “Protect our laws and humanity!”

28.02.2020 / 09:19

Commenting on Brexit recently, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for Scotland to have its own strategy on immigration and asylum, separate to that of London.