05.05.2023 / 22:09

Europe is falling short as a single strategic actor and French President Emmanuel Macron never misses the opportunity to remind us.

16.10.2022 / 10:42

Forty-four European leaders, all the current and candidate EU member-states, the whole of geographical Europe and its neighborhood to the east, as far as Armenia and Azerbaijan. The European Political Community (EPoC) Summit was an important event, at the level of symbolism if nothing else. And beyond that?

01.10.2022 / 22:13

From the floor of the UN General Assembly, in an important and passionate speech, French President Emmanuel Macron addressed those refusing to condemn the barbarity of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

06.09.2022 / 22:23

The tapping of conversations involving the current leader of Greece’s PASOK party is a matter of the utmost gravity. Not only for the political developments it has set in motion, but also for the profound malaise it reveals.

16.05.2022 / 13:04

Russian President Vladimir Putin has always been eager to share an instructive story from his childhood, about how, when he was growing up in poverty in Soviet Leningrad, he used to spend his days chasing rats.

23.04.2022 / 12:39

What responsibility does the European Union have to intervene in a war it didn’t cause, involving a country beyond its political borders?

31.03.2022 / 12:36

It’s been one crisis after another for the last 20 years. Greece has been at the center of some, and battered by the tidal-wave aftershocks of others.