Donald Trump changed America – not as much as his supporters wanted, but more than his critics hoped.


21.02.2021 / 13:57

A year into the pandemic, the health effects of Covid-19 speak for themselves – more than 105 million people known to be infected worldwide, more than 2 million dead.

20.01.2021 / 10:28

Eurasia Group released our annual Top Risks at the start of the month and just like last year, the United States ranks at the top of the list. Unlike last year though, our concerns for the US extend far beyond the next calendar year.

01.01.2021 / 19:17

Joe Biden will be the next US president, to the dismay of millions of Americans and the delight of millions more. Supporters and critics alike are expecting the Biden administration to usher in big changes for the world. That’s not likely to happen.

14.09.2020 / 16:19

For most of the summer, former US vice president Joe Biden has maintained a sizable polling lead over incumbent Donald Trump in the race for the presidency. In recent weeks though, the polls have tightened.

11.07.2020 / 16:17

Strong leaders rise in times of crisis. For the world’s authoritarian states, that has meant more emergency powers for strongmen rulers. For Europe, that has meant the political resurgence of one Angela Merkel.