Will Russia use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine? It’s a question Western intelligence services are working on around the clock and that Western leaders are carefully weighing. President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia reserves the right.


15.09.2022 / 22:07

Brazil’s presidential election campaign is in full swing after officially kicking off on August 16, pitting leftist former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (“Lula”) against right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro.

30.07.2022 / 18:29

Thirty years ago, the Soviet empire collapsed, in large part because many within its orbit believed Western-style democracy and rule of law were superior to Soviet Communism.

14.06.2022 / 02:31

Russia continues to make gains on the ground in Ukraine, particularly in the Donbas region where the war’s fighting is now most intense.

12.05.2022 / 01:22

Over the next decade, will China become stronger or weaker?

15.04.2022 / 21:15

China’s leaders have a story to tell. The Communist Party, they say, leads the nation on behalf of the Chinese people, and it does so far more effectively than American and European leaders govern their own countries.

10.03.2022 / 18:18

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created tremendous uncertainty for tens of millions of people, but there is one thing we can be sure of: Russia and the West are now at war.

16.12.2021 / 20:45

Russia has moved nearly 100,000 soldiers into position near its border with Ukraine over the past several weeks. If that weren’t ominous enough, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his security services have uncovered evidence of a Russia-backed coup plot against his government.

28.10.2021 / 21:52

The J curve describes the relationship between a country’s openness (both the openness of its political processes and the free movement of people, goods and information within and across its borders) and its stability (the ability of its institutions to absorb shock).

05.09.2021 / 17:34

An Israeli company called NSO Group has created a spyware tool called Pegasus that gives its users an extraordinary ability to surveil and steal secrets from anyone who carries a smartphone.

26.08.2021 / 10:30

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is the first major foreign policy crisis of the Biden administration.

11.08.2021 / 12:00

The conventional wisdom in the United States was that President Donald Trump was extremely tough on China, but suspiciously soft on Russia.