20.04.2022 / 22:10

Scientists warn that the consequences of climate change will have an asymmetrical effect on the Mediterranean coastal ecosystem.

22.03.2021 / 18:46

In a brief submitted by the US Department of Justice in ongoing litigation, the Biden administration asserts that the Republic of Turkey is not immune from suit for the attacks perpetrated by Erdogan’s security detail against peaceful protesters in Washington, DC.

11.09.2020 / 21:07

Attila did not seem surprised when I told him I was Greek. We were at the entrance of the Hagia Sophia museum on a rainy, cold December morning, and for the next hour, he would guide me through the most popular tourist attraction in Istanbul.

11.08.2020 / 21:16

The executive director of Harvard’s François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, Natalia Linos, is a social epidemiologist who has been involved in policy throughout her career, but who probably wouldn’t be running for Congress if it wasn’t for Covid-19. 

10.01.2020 / 08:41

An anticipated US diplomatic initiative aimed at easing mounting tension between NATO allies Greece and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean is expected to focus on the issue of exclusive economic zones, amid concerns regarding the maritime borders agreement signed between Ankara and the Tripoli-based Libyan government.

28.12.2019 / 11:19

The Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act is a “historic, truly transformational development,” which places Greece, Cyprus and Israel on the front line of American policy in the Eastern Mediterranean.

22.11.2019 / 13:50

The inaugural Southeast Europe & East Med conference organized by Kathimerini and the Delphi Economic Forum in Washington earlier this week aimed to present new strategies and opportunities.

08.06.2019 / 12:47

The US ponder their next diplomatic moves towards Turkey, as they share the concern of Athens about the aggression of its neighbor in Cyprus and the Aegean.

15.05.2019 / 18:49

As Turkey raises the stakes in the Eastern Mediterranean with violations and threats of drilling in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ), the Cypriot minister of energy, commerce, industry and tourism notes that “the best response is for us to continue to implement our energy strategy unfettered.”