22.01.2023 / 21:40

It’s become par for the course: The government continuously pretends it has good reason to toot its own horn while the data, assessments and recommendations would give any other reasonable person pause.

11.01.2023 / 19:48

Before we even get to the subject of shortages of economic resources for socio-economic development, there is another, more serious issue that plagues Greece: It is a problem of priorities and choices, of how we use the limited resources we do have.

05.01.2023 / 19:39

What is the Bank of Greece’s biggest concern? That reaching investment grade has drifted further away and that he time of abundant, cheap money has given way to an era of high interest rates and limited liquidity.

04.01.2023 / 09:05

What would you wish for the country in 2023? Out of the many things I can think of, two stand out. The first would be for Greece’s politicians to regain the ability to face real problems openly and honestly, and to be prepared to have a sincere discussion about them, rather than using those problems […]

07.12.2022 / 22:02

A country that is a member of NATO and in the core of the European Union – the eurozone – with a stable geopolitical orientation, that for half a century has left behind its great political divisions and authoritarian deviations, that is free from the terrorism and serious crime that plague other developed countries – is such a country secure politically?

05.12.2022 / 21:21

A look back at the period after the restoration of democracy in Greece in 1974 shows that pre-election periods always heighten expectations, due to lavish pre-election promises and the distribution of handouts. And this is how the economic climate usually improves during that time. It’s happening again now.

26.11.2022 / 21:31

Do miracles happen in Greece? At first glance, some of what is happening does look like miracles. For example, in an overindebted country, benefits and aid of several billion euros is distributed easily, without strict criteria or other, trite, restrictions. This is how consumption is fueled.

15.11.2022 / 21:40

Inflation hits the poorest harder, a report by the European Central Bank has shown. That is because they spend a much larger percentage of their income on food and energy. Inflation is much higher for the poor than it is for the rich.

09.11.2022 / 12:03

There is certainly an inflation problem in the United States and Europe, and its reappearance after decades is a global phenomenon. No country, no economy, no one is immune.

29.10.2022 / 13:05

What happened earlier this month on Crete was something that happens perhaps once every 500 years: In a period of just 10 minutes, there was more rainfall than in the past three or four years combined.

13.10.2022 / 13:49

If the European Union had formed a united front to respond to the big problems of the energy crisis, things would be difficult, but less complicated and with less uncertainty for countries like Greece. However, the EU seems to be moving in the opposite direction: Every man for himself.

04.10.2022 / 19:40

Each phase of the interest rate cycle has its own side effects and causes its own turbulence. Today we have entered a sharp upward phase. What does this entail?