Stefanos Kasselakis, the leader of leftist SYRIZA, adopted a “postmodern” approach last Thursday in his appearance at the party’s 4th Congress.

10.02.2024 / 21:14

It is essential to hold a discussion about the housing crisis, especially when this is conducted with some empathy and understanding, as was the case in Parliament Wednesday, when Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis answered a question on the issue from PASOK chief Nikos Androulakis.

03.02.2024 / 21:20

On the one hand, the government repeats it is pushing for “innovation, extroversion, modernization,” but, on the other hand, in the bowels of the shadowy deep state, some illegible “interests” are following a reverse course.

27.01.2024 / 21:00

It doesn’t matter how hard we crashed into the wall of reality 14 years ago. Financial ruin did not dull the heady fantasy of prosperity, which remains vibrant as always – and ill-fated.

16.12.2023 / 21:15

Six people {were killed in the streets of Attica in 24 hours from Thursday to Friday, raising some serious questions. Is it just a very unfortunate coincidence, or is it the expected outcome of the sum of a series of particular attitudes?

02.12.2023 / 20:28

In 1994, Greek director Alexis Bistikas was the first public figure to openly admit that he was suffering from AIDS. A year later, this charismatic man, who was already known for his brilliant work, passed away, aged 31.

11.11.2023 / 20:30

At first, the shot is carefully balanced, focused on the face and the space, just enough to reveal a potential prime-ministerial profile.

04.11.2023 / 22:01

What do tax evasion, electricity theft and illegal fuel rackets have in common, apart from the fact that they’re all crimes? They invoke the same feeling that one increasing pool of people is living at the expense of another, ever-shrinking, pool.

21.10.2023 / 22:14

Is the arrest of 1,353 minors, in September alone, for various offenses, an alarmingly big number or not? The majority of those offenses was recorded in Attica.

08.10.2023 / 15:05

Greek political parties seem to view Sunday’s local and regional elections simply as a next step from the national elections and a step before the European polls.

30.09.2023 / 21:37

Sometimes there is no big news, just a nagging sense of loss or anger about the relentless plight of downtown Athens’ cinemas. With local elections coming up soon, this may, therefore, be a good time to send out a small reminder to the powers that be of this plight.

16.09.2023 / 21:40

It’s not easy; people don’t change as soon as the circumstances demand it, overnight. It takes time, and sometimes even that isn’t enough.

09.09.2023 / 22:43

We will never forget 2023. Not only because one part of the country burned to the ground and another was flooded and buried under mud. Evros, Thessaly, Rhodes and Tempe are not only geographical areas visited by disaster, cleared of greenery, drowned or killed, until another disaster comes along that overshadows the previous ones while […]

02.09.2023 / 21:00

Whether the prime minister’s outburst in Parliament on Thursday during a debate about the government’s handling of the wildfires was staged or spontaneous, it had its significance.

05.08.2023 / 21:36

The trespassing and anarchy on Greek beaches is a situation that has been around for years, which is why the first organized citizens’ movement against the phenomenon created a spark that motivated others to reclaim public space.