He’s a dedicated doctor who has been in a position of responsibility in the National Health System (ESY) for many decades. He has no political affiliations and is there for anyone who needs help or advice, 24/7.

26.09.2022 / 07:46

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi claims that people in his country have freedom of expression. He also branded the protests that have broken out there as unacceptable “acts of chaos.”

17.09.2022 / 21:32

The state’s inability to put its real estate assets to good use is a story as old as the hills in Greece, an opportunity that is constantly being lost under mounds of red tape, clientelist relationships and corruption.

10.09.2022 / 21:43

The 1969 documentary “Royal Family” was a lackluster attempt at improving the dented image of the palace in the eyes of the public by presenting the members of the British royal family as “ordinary people.”

04.09.2022 / 22:30

The metropolitan bishop of Dodoni, Chrysostomos, became the most talked-about person on social media and the news on Friday, and not just for the obvious reasons.

27.08.2022 / 22:00

There is nothing, it seems, that is capable of turning down the aggressive tone prevailing in public discourse and ensuring that a discussion can take place in a calm and composed manner.

30.07.2022 / 21:22

It takes a deadly traffic accident next door, on the island where we’re vacationing, to remind us of the scale of the tragedy unfolding on the country’s roads every single year.

23.07.2022 / 22:25

The contribution of volunteer firefighters in the battle against the wildfires of the past few days was noted in various ways

09.07.2022 / 22:44

The prime minister has said it again and again these past few days: Elections will take place the in spring, as planned, at the end of the government’s four-year term.

02.07.2022 / 21:40

Is it because we always look for the good version of the story, the “fairy tale” with the happy end? Is it because positive examples, at least in the way the media sees them, are few?

25.06.2022 / 21:21

Yes, booster shots against Covid-19 are recommended but they are not necessary. Yes, people over the age of 60 should have all the available boosters, but they can wait a bit.

18.06.2022 / 21:17

Blighted by wildfires last year, northern Evia serves well for exercises in populism. Main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras’ visit to the area on Thursday failed to bring any comfort to the people there, as he settled for bandying about the usual oppositional repertory.

28.05.2022 / 20:36

“Attracting workers” has become the new mantra being repeated, like an invocation, by those alarmed by the impact on the local labor market of the so-called “great resignation” trend.

14.05.2022 / 22:09

Asked in the Pulse opinion poll released on Thursday when they believe the next national elections should be held, 46 percent of respondents said “by the end of 2023, around the end of the government’s term,” which is also in agreement with the prime minister’s statements. Meanwhile, 41 percent said elections should be set up in 2022. 

08.05.2022 / 18:45

Apart from the “much-beleaguered middle class” and “pensioners struggling to make ends meet,” Greece’s young people are also growing increasingly desperate and frustrated.