“The rapist and the rape do not have an ideological hue and belong to no party. We do not care about [the rapist’s] political identity,” Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said.

14.02.2021 / 00:52

In his recent speech in Parliament on the education reform bill, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that “nowhere in the world do we see scenes like those at our universities, where … professors beaten and girls raped.”

06.02.2021 / 23:13

“The General Assembly of the Association of Greek Archaeologists has unanimously rejected the conversion of state-run museums into legal entities governed by public law (NPDD), for ideological, legal, political and practical reasons.”

24.01.2021 / 00:11

Policing. The use of the word alone makes understanding difficult. At best, it makes one grimace; at worst, it triggers the mental “repository” of the civil war, rich in unclassified material, and its post-war continuation under an authoritarian state.

16.01.2021 / 21:33

Posts full of “bravos” and “respect” flooded the internet. As a four-time Olympian, Sofia Bekatorou is used to praise. This time, however, the praise was not about her sailing prowess.

09.01.2021 / 22:29

It would be ridiculous if it were not horrifying. What we saw was neither a metamorphosis nor an embodiment of the sarcastic and very popular quote often attributed to Groucho Marx: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

14.12.2020 / 13:50

One of the biggest challenges posed by the pandemic is that we cannot classify every section of the population that is responsible for spreading Covid-19.

29.11.2020 / 08:42

There’s a famous Monty Python sketch from the early 1970s about an argument between a pet shop keeper and a customer complaining about the dead parrot he recently purchased. The classic comedy sketch could also loosely serve as a comment on the pedantry of bureaucracy.

31.10.2020 / 23:22

Earthquakes occur both inside and out. The second ones just happen. The first are long-lasting, and have no scale of measurement. It is these inner, mental vibrations that give rhythm to our day and shape the reality that surrounds us.

24.10.2020 / 23:11

In its annual report on the Greek economy, the Labor Institute of Greece’s biggest private sector union, GSEE, simply confirmed in numbers what is pervasive in society: loss of income, unemployment and the “impoverishment of employees.”