SYRIZA’s defeat at the polls on Sunday was a strategic defeat. It did not concern one person exclusively or the election campaign, nor does it point to certain organizational weaknesses. It is a combination of all three.

17.04.2023 / 15:22

Greek political life has registered several achievements which could even be considered world records.

04.04.2023 / 21:35

An astute observer of Greek politics recently commented that no government has been as self-loving as the incumbent conservatives, and they could not be more accurate.

18.03.2023 / 21:18

Because although taking to the streets to express your grief, your anger and your questions may not bring back the young faces you saw in the published photos, at least in that way you feel that you mourn them as if they were all our children.

02.02.2023 / 21:00

If you walk into a tiger’s cage, a friend quipped, make sure you don’t touch the wild cat’s whiskers.

02.12.2022 / 08:40

An interesting debate has picked up in recent months: What will decide the Greek election? The economy or the wiretapping scandal? Certain pundits have presented this dilemma in an attempt to forge a collective attitude, as it were, that can be summed up as the apotheosis of the cynical citizen.

14.04.2021 / 08:34

The data are devastating. For 10 consecutive years, deaths in Greece have outnumbered births. A total of 931,884 people were born from 2011 to 2020 while 1,198,502 died over the same period, resulting in a net decrease of 266,618 people.

31.03.2018 / 10:34

Given their existing organizational structures, their sadly inadequate leaderships and their parochial ideological and political character, Europe’s social democrats are not very likely to win back their once-prominent position in the European political system.