The international political and economic system is currently in a phase of transition. Global and regional powers are challenging or noticeably distancing themselves from the rules-governed international order and are instead developing hegemonic aspirations.

25.01.2021 / 10:08

2020 was a difficult year for Greek national security and the country in general, due to both Turkish actions and the Covid-19 pandemic, the latter an unprecedented crisis that profoundly affected not only the entire state mechanism and the Greek economy and society, but also the whole planet.

20.09.2019 / 21:07

Developments in the Persian Gulf are bound to increase the buildup of tension in the broader area and have a negative impact on the global economy – as well of course as Greece’s.

09.09.2019 / 20:48

The significant increase in the arrival of refugees and migrants recorded on Greece’s Aegean islands over the past few weeks is cause for concern as it indicates that Turkey is seeking to exploit the issue in order to remind the European Union of Ankara’s critical role in containing inflows.

23.08.2019 / 17:47

Not only is Turkey continuing its activities in the wider region around Cyprus, but it has declared that it is scaling them up by sending another research vessel to the area. 

15.06.2018 / 19:23

Greek-Turkish relations have been seriously impacted by the case of the eight Turkish servicemen who sought asylum in Greece after the coup attempt in Turkey in the summer of 2016, and also by that of the two Greek soldiers arrested by Turkish authorities in early March who are still being held in custody without charges and with the obvious objective of applying pressure on Greece.

14.06.2018 / 09:28

The agreement allows Greece to regain a larger degree of influence and a bigger role in the Balkans, while also limiting, in the long term, Turkey’s sway and room for movement in the region.