Greece is second from bottom in the European Union in terms of digital governance and transformation, based on yearly data up to September 2019, as it lost one more place in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI 2020).

03.06.2020 / 22:40

Internet use rose in Greece by 9 percentage points from 2017 to 2019, according to a survey by the National Center of Social Research (EKKE).

30.05.2020 / 15:50

The deal for the acquisition of a 33% stake in Forthnet between the BC Partners investment group and the creditor banks of the Greek telecommunications company was all but sealed on Friday.

19.05.2020 / 19:52

Referring to ekathimerini’s Sunday report titled “Claims upset Greek telecom market,” Rewheel head Antonis Drossos noted that neither the study by his company nor Rewheel executives had ever mentioned “coordinated activity” between Vodafone and Wind in Greece.

17.05.2020 / 21:07

The announcements by the Competition Commission and the study by Finnish company Rewheel regarding the high charges and “closed oligopoly” conditions in the Greek telecommunications market have generated major reactions both in the market and on a political level.

10.05.2020 / 21:48

The Competition Commission last week sent a letter to three government ministers calling for oversight of telecoms and postal services to be taken away from the National Commission for Telecommunications and Posts (EETT).

29.04.2020 / 17:15

Tetraform is a small company based in Kilkis, Central Macedonia, and is among the few enterprises to have discerned and seized a business opportunity in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

22.04.2020 / 22:31

A series of US legal firms on Tuesday invited the shareholders of Greek online music streaming company Akazoo to take part in legal cases being launched against the Athens-based corporation on the grounds of cheating, following a hedge fund report alleging serious irregularities at the Nasdaq-listed enterprise.

15.04.2020 / 15:07

Although Greece has made strides in digitizing governance and public administration in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which provided an urgent impetus for the reduction of face-to-face exchanges, the government’s efforts have been partially thwarted by pushback from state functionaries and professionals, Kathimerini understands.

07.04.2020 / 23:39

The penetration of e-stores in Greece has soared in the last year, with the share of the population that has shopped online rising from 21 percent at the end of 2019 to 44 percent in late March and early April.

27.03.2020 / 17:03

Greece has seen an increase of at least 50 percent in internet use in recent days following the government’s decision to restrict citizens’ movements to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, according to officials at the Digital Governance Ministry who indicated however that telecommunications networks are handling the strain so far.