Ellinopoula, the brainchild of Greek-American economist Petros Sakkis, is a web-based platform designed to teach Greek to children of the Greek diaspora in a fun and interactive manner.


17.04.2019 / 12:35

An increasing number of international travelers are ditching their all-inclusive bracelets in search of fresh and more authentic experiences, and for those looking for something different, the possibilities in Greece are endless.

23.03.2018 / 12:57

Greece lacks a coordinated system for dealing with child sexual abuse victims, thus increasing the risk of retraumatization, the chairman of the Council of Europe’s Lanzarote Committee has told Kathimerini.

16.09.2017 / 13:28

Boats bob around on the gentle waves in Syros port. Then the first narrator starts to speak about the sea, something they all have in common. The fisherman, the priest and the boy each explain the role it plays in their lives. The child talks about its grandeur, explaining how he “sometimes loves it, but other times fears it.”

26.08.2017 / 12:21

A tip from a local recommending Kastri as the place to get great food in Ermoupoli as the ferry boat headed toward the island of Syros was enough to spark my interest – and whet my appetite.

11.08.2017 / 16:25

Cooking, hairdressing, embroidery, painting, gardening, drawing, babysitting, handicrafts and reading. These are the nine main interests of people aged over 65 according to a study by nongovernmental organization Ethelon.

25.04.2017 / 13:18

“Today we went to the market – it was great!” says Niki, a kindergarten teacher, describing the experience of her class, which took part in World Wildlife Fund Hellas’ educational program “Healthy Kids, Healthy Planet” earlier this year.

04.02.2017 / 14:13

A program for breeding and protecting the Greek Sheepdog by the Arcturos wildlife and nature conservation society has been a resounding success, and, according to its press secretary, Panos Stefanou, “there are farmers who will wait for more than two years to get a puppy.”

29.10.2016 / 11:09

“There’s no more just sitting around drinking coffee. The new trend is for parents to work out and put their kids in classes. One mom will draw in another. OAKA offers so many different activities that you’re to sure find the best fit for you,” says Sarah Karali from Harry’s Gym.

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In the last decade, revenues from Hollywood blockbusters such as “The Avengers” and “Avatar” have been dwarfed by those generated through the rapid rise of the highly profitable video games industry.