Bicentennial committee launches numismatic program


The “Greece 2021” committee on the bicentennial of the declaration of the Greek War of Independence announced on Wednesday it is launching its Numismatic Program for the sale of unique coins.

The collection includes 2 coins made of a combination of metal and polymer material, imprinted with the first two coins of the Greek state; a series of 8 silver coins, imprinted with the depiction of the personalities associated with every Greek region; and a series of 4 gold coins depicting the evolution of the flag from the Revolution to the present day.

The 14 coins will bear the stamp of the award-winning engravers at the National Mint, will be released in a limited number and their molds will be destroyed after production, enhancing their collectible value, it said.

The Committee said the sale is “a means through which Greek women and men all over the world can contribute to the completion of even more projects aiming to honor the two centuries of modern Greek State.”

Purchases can be made through the e-shop, at the web page