‘La Cenerentola’ on stage at the National Opera

The National Opera’s latest production, Gioacchino Rossini’s much-loved opera «La Cenerentola,» opened at the Olympia Theater last night, with additional performances scheduled for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, April 16, 18 and 20. The production is a collaboration with the Trapani Festival. «When a director is called upon to produce an opera, he is facing a music score and the stage. He has to come up with images to liven up a lifeless script,» said Mario Corradi, the director, at a recent press conference. «The public will not see Walt Disney’s ‘Cinderella,’ but Rossini’s ‘Cenerentola’,» he added. «Her sisters are not ugly, but beautiful, rich – and awful. This performance aims at giving the impression that the play’s heroes have all jumped out of a gigantic book. I am calling on people of all ages to come and see the show. When the children are happy, it means that the show was successful.» This is Corradi’s fifth collaboration with the National Opera. The opera has comic elements and its director described it as a «comedy drama.» «La Cenerentola,» or «The Triumph of Goodness,» as it is also called, is based on Charles Perrault’s well-known fairy tale and presents a balanced view of life’s both serious and light sides. The main character is Angiolina, Don Magnifico’s adopted daughter, who is addressed by her family as «La Cenerentola.» Angiolina, neglected and mistreated by her adopted father and his daughters, falls in love with prince Don Ramiro, who switches parts with his manservant, Dandini, and goes to her as a servant. The prince recognizes the goodness in Angiolina’s heart and after numerous adventures, the couple end up getting married. «This is the first time I am performing this part and doing something new is always difficult,» said Irini Karayianni, who is sings the role of Angiolina, alternating with Marina Fideli. Aldo Sisillo and Constantinos Karydis are both responsible for the music direction. Stage design and costumes are by Alfredo Troisi. Other singers are Antonis Koronaios, Nikos Stefanou, Tassis Christoyiannopoulos and Haris Andrianos. National Opera, 59-61 Academias, tel 210.361.1516.