Dreams sheltered by pop’s umbrella

There are countless bands, often disparate in musical style, sheltering under the umbrella tag «Britpop.» One of the scene’s more peculiar and interesting examples is an act called Broadcast, who will be in Athens for one performance tomorrow. What is it, then, that makes this British band’s work interesting? First, there’s an appealing irregular quality that does arouse curiosity. Broadcast’s work is not easily digested. The band processes frequencies, deconstructs melodies and melds their components together again for a fragmented, abstract result, one that reflects the times we’re living in. The act’s greatest strength is the voice of Trish Keenan. Despite being cold and detached, the singer’s delivery has sensitivity and certain dreamlike qualities. Kathimerini spoke to James Cargill, the band’s main songwriter, ahead of the band’s first ever visit to Greece. It will be a good opportunity for fans that have appreciated Broadcast’s work on albums such as «The Noise Made By People» and «Work and No Work,» as well as the recently released «Haha Sound,» to enjoy this act on stage. The conversation with Cargill eventually led to the subject of the bizarre lyrics applied to the band’s songs. «The lyrics are written by Trish. She reads a lot of poetry and apparently reaches for her notebook as soon as she wakes up in the morning, during that state where sleep has not yet gone away and the dream you had has not yet completely vanished from the mind,» said Cargill. Commenting on the new album’s title, «Haha Sound,» Cargill said it refers to a spirit of irony felt by the band during its making. «It stemmed from a pressure that developed when we were wondering who is interested in what we do, and why. We thought some people would simply laugh, and that’s how the title came about – music for laughter,» remarked Cargill. «But a closer interpretation generally leads to a return to childhood years when everything seemed amusing,» he added. Broadcast are signed to Warp, one of the pioneering labels in electronic music. It was from this label that the popular electronica act Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin, his recording name, launched his career. So, too, did Autechre and Nightmares On Wax. Based in Birmingham, also Broadcast’s hometown, the seasoned British label continues to command respect for its activities. «It’s difficult to be part of a record company that releases work by artists from the electronica scene,» said Cargill. «But, on the other hand, we don’t abide by the stereotype of your ‘independent pop band’.» Broadcast, tomorrow in Athens at the An Club, 13 Solomou, Exarchia. Tickets 25 euros. Doors open at 10 p.m.