Cool rock at the Rodon

Even though tomorrow, Saint Valentine’s Day, is dedicated to romance, two scheduled concerts by Primal Scream promise excitement. The hip rock band will appear at the capital’s venerable Rodon Club tonight and tomorrow. Following landmark performances at Glastonbury and the Fuji Festival, as well as other major music festivals – they also appeared with the Rolling Stones at Twickenham – the band is currently celebrating 20 years of musical action. New rock Established in Glasgow in 1984, the band’s leader, Bobby Gillespie, is one of contemporary rock’s most influential figures. He came up with the idea for the band while he was the drummer of Jesus & Mary Chain. In 1987, Primal Scream recorded its debut album, «Sonic Flower Groove,» featuring psychedelic elements from the 1960s. Two years later, they came up with the «Primal Scream» album, featuring more precise rock influences. The «Screamadelica» album, which appeared in the market in 1991, was the band’s definitive contribution to rock – offering a new, rhythmical dimension to the music genre. What followed, «Give Out, But Don’t Give Up,» came as a surprise to their fans, but things went back to normal again in 2000, when they came up with «XTRMNTR» (Exterminator) – the album skyrocketed on the charts with singles such as «Swastica Eyes» and «Kill All Hippies.» In 2002, Primal Scream recorded «Evil Heat,» while the group’s first compilation was put together last year. Titled «Dirty Hits,» the album ranges from songs such as «Scremadelina» to more recent works. At the Rodon, die-hard Primal Scream fans will enjoy a journey of the band’s musical history up to now. Rodon Club, 24 Marni, tel 210.523.7418/524.7427.