Argentine on stage in Athens

Barbara Luna, an Argentinean singer who recently relocated to Paris where she has proved a popular performing and recording artist, is currently performing a series of shows in Athens, at the Half Note Jazz Club (17 Trivonianou, Mets, tel 210.921.3310) through Thursday. The young vocalist has, to date, released two albums, «A la Vida, A La Muerte» and «India Morena,» both of which have sold solidly in the French market. Luna, who has performed at various major festivals, including Womad, has attracted fans on the strength of a smooth-and-sweet vocal delivery, a varying Latin repertoire that includes ballads, tangos, and milongas, and a lively stage presence. Born in Roque Pirez, a small Argentinean town close to Pampa, Luna studied architecture in her homeland but moved to Paris for a music-oriented career immediately following her studies. «I don’t exactly know why I’m involved with singing, but I felt the need to go to France and begin a career,» Luna says. She began based in Lyons, working the city’s piano bars for three years and eventually released her solo album, «A La Vida, A La Muerte,» in 1998. Her second album, «India Morena,» followed three years ago, while a third album is expected by the end of this year.