Friends on stage: Protopsalti and Galani at Vox

Two highly acclaimed Greek singers, Dimitra Galani and Alkistis Protopsalti, are joining forces this year to present a production featuring «concert» elements. The duo’s performances start on October 26, at the Vox Theater on Iera Odos. The production’s concert character is due to the fact that during the three-hour performance, the singers will appear together on stage non-stop – there will be no interval – while, in a departure from the norm, neither singer will present their own show. Taking their cue from «Heirokrotima,» a song originally written by Galani and subsequently interpreted by Protopsalti, at a recent press conference the singers noted that their collaboration was the result of a longstanding friendship, a relationship which is finally going to hit the stage. Judging from the songs they will sing, it is obvious that Galani and Protopsalti are coming up with a very exciting, different kind of show. The songs were chosen by both singers, as well as by Margarita Mytilinaiou. Many of these will be interpreted with new arrangements, with more than a few surprising results. Song and music arrangements were carried out by Giorgos Zachariou, who will also join the singers on stage alongside 14 other musicians. The two singers are also making a statement with the show’s posters. Instead of the habitual glossy photos produced through elaborate studio sessions, Galani and Protopsalti have chosen a work of art created by artist Harry Lambert. The painting depicts two unified hearts. The production’s set designs were created by Giorgos Gavalas while the lighting is the work of Eleftheria Deco.