Rendezvous with Lady of Auxerre

The famous «Lady of Auxerre» is waiting to be seen by the Greek public beneath the sky that first saw her created, before returning home to the Louvre Museum in Paris. A small sculpture depicting a Kore or an ancient goddess, it was found in a storeroom at the Museum of Auxerre near Paris in 1907 by a curator from the Louvre, where it has been on permanent display. It is revisiting Athens thanks to the generous sponsorship of J.T. International for the Eleutherna exhibition at the Museum of Cycladic Art’s new wing in the Stathatos Mansion (Vassilissis Sofias and 1 Irodotou) until March 2. One should not keep a lady waiting, especially one with a narrow Cretan waistline. Archaeologists date her from the middle of the Daedalic Period, around 640 BC.