Post-Easter Greek rock in the capital

The first post-Easter week is shaking with the vibes of Greek rock music, ranging from Yiannis Angelakas with Nikos Veliotis to Philippos Pliatsikas with his «best friends» and older and newer members of Ypogeia Revmata, all of whom are performing this week. In his first solo album after his work with Greek rock act Trypes, Yiannis Angelakas collaborated with musician Nikos Veliotis: On Friday and Saturday the two of them will introduce to Athenian audiences the brand-new «Anasses ton Lykon» (The Breath of Wolves) at the Apo Michanis Theater. The new release’s music combines strings with computer-generated sounds and results in a mixture of sounds, noise, images and silence. Angelakas’s well-known voice and lyrics seem at times like a scream and at other times like a mere whisper, expressing all the «disorder» distinctive of works that are based purely on inspiration and instincts. Tomorrow, on the occasion of his first solo album, titled «Ti den Emathe o Theos» (What God Didn’t Learn), Philippos Pliatsikas will invite old and new friends to the stage of the Rodon club, which is currently counting down its final days; it will close for good at the end of the month. Joined by Lavrentis Machairitsas, Dionysis Tsaknis, Babis Stokas, Manos Xydous and local act Onar, Pliatsikas will present his new songs, which have a strong electronic beat combined with acoustic instruments, like the mandolin, the violin and the accordion, but also consist of melodies with both Western and Greek folk origins. Pliatsikas will also share old hits from his time with Pyx Lax and other favorites with his guests. On that same evening, in another corner of Athens, past and present members of rock-and-ballads act Ypogeia Revmata will meet at the Baraki tou Vassili, to improvise on their own compositions as well as on other favorites of theirs. The Apo Michanis Theater is situated at 13 Akadimou, Metaxourgeio, tel 210.523.5716; the Rodon club is at 24 Marni, tel 210.524.7427; and Baraki tou Vassili is situated at 3 Didotou, tel 210.362.3625.