Sho — a calligraphy demonstation by experts from Japan

An invitation came from the wife of Japanese Ambassador in Athens Toshio Mochizuki this week to see a display of Sho calligraphy, considered one of the fine arts in Japan and a traditional part of Japanese culture. The guest list – restricted to women – included Daphne Simitis, wife of the former prime minister; Lena A. Alafouzos, wife of the chairman of Kathimerini SA; Lila I. Lalaounis and Matti Egon. Athens was the final stop on a tour of Europe for the two instructors, Shuncho Suzuki and Hisako Shida, who had come from Tokyo to demonstrate the technique. Suzuki studied the art of Sho with the famous teacher Randen Tonomura and has won many prizes both in Japan and abroad. He is director of the Sho federation of Japan and a member of the judging committee. Shida is a senior executive and member of committees including the Sho Yomiuri exhibition and has also won many prizes.