A party and a workshop

Kastaniotis Publishers promises an explosive mixture of words, music and images at a party to celebrate Alexis Stamatis’s book «Mitera Stachti» (Mother Ash) on June 20, 10 p.m. (Club Decadence, 69 Voulgaroktonou & 2 Polycherias, Lofos Strefi, tel 210.882.3544.) Proofreading The Hellenic-American Union is running a workshop on effective proofreading on June 25. Topics will include proofreading under pressure or in a distracting environment, accuracy, editing for punctuation and spelling, finding errors in grammar, recognizing words that are easily confused and misused. Aimed not only at professional proofreaders but also other workers and students, the workshop will be conducted in English. For information call Hara Simou, 210.368.0056, and Georgia Dede, 210.368.0006 or e-mail: [email protected]